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Programming Days Times
Programming Days Times
Democracy Now! News Headlines – Democracy Now!’s War and Peace Report provides their audience with access to people and perspectives rarely heard in the U.S.corporate-sponsored media, including independent and international journalists, ordinary people from around the world who are directly affected by U.S. foreign policy, grassroots leaders and peace activists, artists, academics and independent analysts. Visit their website at Everyday 7:30AM 12:30PM 5:30PM 10:30PM
National Weather Report – Listen to the national weather forecast. The Weather Channel Radio Network provides award-winning weather content for AM/FM radio stations, satellite radio, and podcasts. You can visit their website at: Everyday 7:40AM 12:40PM 5:40PM 10:40PM
Let The Scripture Speak – A Daily Dose of the Word of God for the feeding of your soul. Listen to two back to back chapters from the KJV of the Bible. Everyday 8:30AM 9:30PM
The Message Of The Hour – A 45 minute portion from one of the 1,100 plus messages preached by William Branham. Everyday 11:00AM 6:30PM
Showers Of Blessings – A 45 minute portion from messages, testimonies, and more to help you in your daily walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Sunday thru Friday Saturday 3:00PM 4:00PM
The Instrumental Hour – A full hour of Gospel and Worship Instrumental music to help you relax and set your thoughts on our Lord Jesus Christ. Everyday 9:30AM 8:00PM
The Eagle Cry Radio Kids Hour – A full hour dedicated to the children with programming from Adventures In Odyssey on Thursdays and Your Story Hour on Mondays along with children’s Gospel songs. You can visit the Your Story Hour and Adventures In Odyssey websites at: Monday Thursday 1:30PM
CHIP Health Program with Dr. Hans Diehl CHIP Health is a talk show that helps improve and enjoy your health by choice not by chance from a Christian perspective. Each program features a different topic or guest and is hosted by Charles Mills. Visit their website at Tuesday 2:00PM
MoneyWise Hosted by Howard Dayton & Steve Moore, this half-hour program helps you handle money God’s way. This broadcast provides listeners with an opportunity to talk about the financial challenges they’re facing. MoneyWise also includes consumer-oriented features, financial news and commentaries aimed at helping people practice sound, Biblical stewardship. Visit their website at Tuesday 1:30PM
BreakPoint – “In an increasingly hostile, secular culture, Christians are faced with issues and choices we’ve never had to deal with before. BreakPoint is here to help you develop a robust Christian worldview—seeing, understanding, and engaging the world from a biblical perspective.” – Chuck Colson. Visit their website at Wednesday 2:00PM
Family Life This Week – FamilyLife This Week ® is conversational in nature and provides practical, biblical tools to address the issues affecting your family. You’ll receive motivation, encouragement, and help. Visit their website at Wednesday 1:30PM
Kingdom Principles – Kingdom Principles is a 30 minute radio program produced by Believers Christian Fellowship in Lima Ohio. The host is bro. Jeff Jenkins who is the pastor of Believer’s Christian Fellowship and the program is centered around getting you to fall in love with God’s Word in order to not just read it or hear it, but to put it to practice in your daily life. Visit their website at Friday 1:30PM
Global Answers – Global Answers is a 30 minute radio program hosted by father and son Lonnie Jenkins and Jeff Jenkins of Believer’s Christian Fellowship in Lima Ohio. Originally broadcasted on Television, the program deals with introducing the main topics and doctrines of The Message of the Hour to those who have never heard it before. At the same time the established believer will get a blessing out of it as it will help him or her get established even further in the Word of God. Visit their website at Friday 2:00PM
The Eagle’s Cry Radio Program – This Live Talk program is dedicated to providing a Christian perspective on modern news and trends around the world as well as information that impacts you as a Message Believer. From time to time we will have a special guest join us to share with us their personal testimony or information regarding a ministry they may be involved in. We feel free to listen on demand or download our past show below. Saturday 1:00PM

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